Today: Guest Post Request

Today, while writing my April income report. I received an email with a guest post inquiry. This was my first opportunity to add income, and not just expenses to my monthly income report. As tempting as it was, I decide against charging for any guest post at this time.

See the brief conversation below.

My thought process behind not charging was simple. My site currently has a domain authority (DA) of 0. So I really don’t have enough authority to benefit them. I wouldn’t feel right charging them without the ability to return some sort of benefit.

If I learned anything from this guest post request. It’s that I’m doing the right. My traffic is super lite right now. I get maybe 5-10 visits per day. Most of those visits coming from me revisiting the blog throughout the day. Still someone was able to find me and reach out. Hey, it’s a start.

At the moment, I’ve yet to hear back from them. But if I do, I’ll surely make an update in a later post.

That was today.

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