Today: I’m Going To Attempt Forex Trading!

So it’s official, I’m going to start forex trading.

Here’s the story. A couple months ago my dad asked me to attend a webinar. Now my dad asking me to jump on a webinar was nothing new. This was just the latest business opportunity to grabbed his attention.

On the webinar they were discussing Forex trading. Immediately I was disinterested. For no other reason than, I didn’t want to divert my focus from my current business plans. I really didn’t have time to learn something new. So I left the webinar early and didn’t think twice about it.

Now to clarify… I know there is big money to be made with forex trading. But for whatever reason, I wasn’t super interested.

A few days later my dad made his second attempt at getting me involved. He called me on 3-way along with a family friend and partner in entrepreneurship, Lance. Let the sales pitch begin! After hearing them out for a few minutes. I simply said, I’m not really interested right now.

Later on that day, Lance reached out to me directly and asked if I would be willing to talk with a professional trader friend of his. At this point I really didn’t feel like hearing another pitch, only to have to say no again. Not to mention, now I was getting a multi-level marketing (MLM) vibe. I mean why were they recruiting me to join so hard? I personally have nothing against MLM. In fact I know they work, but you have to have the personality for it. Which I do not. So politely I declined.

At this point, I was sure Lance was done with me. I mean I made myself clear, right? I guess not, because he never gave up. Starting a few days after our last conversation, Lance would send me screenshots show the progressive of people he apparently was training. The screenshots would show a few hundred here, couple thousand there. All impressive, but still no interest from me.

This continued for a few days until I finally said…

“You know Lance… these screenshots you’ve been sending of other people are good and all, but honestly I’m not interested in people I don’t know. I won’t be interested until I can see what either you or my dad are profiting.”

That’s all he needed to hear.

For the next few weeks I got nothing but screenshots of Lance’s progress. It started out very modest. $5 turned to $27 was the first I can recall. Unfortunately I was still unimpressed. Soon after, hundreds were turned into thousands; still not interested. This continued for around two months.

Everything changed for both Lance and myself on June 2nd, 2020. I woke up to a series of screenshots.

Wow! Safe to say I was convinced at this point. I told him,

“You win I give up.”

The guy became millionaire in a little over 2 months. I was fully aware that this type success wasn’t typical. Especially, in such a short time. But if I could just earn a fraction of that, I’d be better off. Let’s see where my forex journey ends up.


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