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Social media is an absolute essential for any consumer-facing brand with the desired audience of people under 50. Social media is the way people engage, learn, and eventually shop. In order to stay relevant, every company needs social media tools to deploy a comprehensive social media strategy.

The important social media platforms are constantly shifting as people move to the next best thing. A few years ago, a solid Facebook presence and some LinkedIn activity might of cut it. But now Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit are some of the most active channels on the internet with platforms like TikTok and Medium growing in popularity every day. 

In order to get the most out of social media, I highly recommend dedicating time to develop a strategy and start using social media management tools to assist with automation and analytics. Start first by identifying the most important channels for your goals. It’s hard to do every platform well and quality is more important than quantity. Then decide how you want to engage with the platform. The advantage of social platforms is their ability to be largely one way (just posting content) or interactive (talking with customers, engaging with other brands, or even a channel for customer service).

Once you know what you want to attack, set up a social media management tool. The best management tools will help you work smart and elevate the hassle of managing multiple platforms. From scheduling posts to content creation to consolidating analytics, social media management software is a lifesaver and will take tedious tasks out of social media managing.

Here is my list of the best social media tools.

Top 10 Social Media Tools

buffer header


Buffer is the perfect software application when you want a program to manage your accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among others. What it offers is a way to schedule posts to these and other social media pages so that you can concentrate on other things instead. Some of the many benefits offered by Buffer include:


-You can link multiple social media pages. The free account gives you the ability to post up to 10 updates in three pages: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, while the paid account allows for much more.

-You can set up your own schedule for the posts. However you want to schedule your posts, the Buffer app lets you do it by setting up a schedule that will ensure the posts will be executed at the right time on the right dates.


1. Offers both free and paid accounts.
2. You can add new updates at any time.
3. Provides analytics so you can see how your accounts are doing.


1. Some plans don’t allow you to post tweets at regular intervals.
2. There are no price options between the $9/month plan and the $99/month plan.


*Free (Individual)
*$10/month (Awesome)
*$99/month (Small)
*$199/month (Medium)
*$399/month (Large)


meet edgar header

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar offers contact management, multi-account management, automated publishing, multi-user collaboration, and post scheduling for social media outlets that include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It may not have as many features as some of the other social media management programs, but it comes at a very moderate price and offers a lot of bang for your buck.


-Scheduling content is super easy for all social media accounts.

-Offers personalized categories for your posts to make them more efficient.


1. Easy to utilize and very affordable.
2. A great app for scheduling and queuing of all of your posts.
3. Automatically saves your updates and sorts them according to type.


1. Instagram accounts need an iOS device.
2. It doesn’t have a lot of analytics capability.
3. Missing features that make it work well with heavy-duty users.


*Free 14-day trial
*Only one plan: $49/month or $539/year


iconosquare header


Iconosquare works with both Instagram and Facebook for social media scheduling and monitoring. It specializes in Instagram and only recently added Facebook to the mix. It currently boasts more than 10 million users and offers comprehensive analytics, which is one of the main reasons many businesses sign up for it. A few of the stats it monitors include total followers, reach, gained and lost followers, and average engagement rate by post.


-It is super easy to manage your content. You can also separate and customize your feeds, even having a feed dedicated to hashtags, competitors, and others.

-Allows you to use your Instagram account to make the most of your social media marketing efforts. By concentrating on Instagram, it helps you build your business faster than you think.


1. Allows users to fully manage their Instagram posts thanks to advanced scheduling.
2. Allows you to optimize your strategy and accurately measure your performance.
3. Allows you to utilize bulk comment viewing thanks to the Comment Tracker.


1. They do not provide options for those who wish to sort their followers.
2. Unlike the Instagram app, Iconosquare doesn’t provide a “news” feed.
3. They do not provide a separate app for mobile devices.


*$29/month (Pro)
*$59/month (Advanced)
*They also offer a plan called Agency, but you have to get in touch with the company so they can devise a personalized plan to meet your needs.


sendible headerSendible

Sendible offers bulk scheduling, quick reports, RSS automation, calendar view, queues, and email support in one simple package that meets all of your social media management needs. With this platform, you can manage multiple brands and plan all of your social media strategies quickly and easily. It is a software as a service (SaaS) solution that gives agencies the chance to easily manage all of these functions and a lot more.


-Allows you to seamlessly add more social accounts, team members, and interactions to make long-term growth a lot more reachable.
-Offers customized features so you get just what you need and nothing that you don’t.
-Offers analytics capability for many social media sites.


1. Aimed at agencies but can also accommodate small and medium-sized businesses.
2. Has great built-in brand monitoring.
3. Easy to streamline all of your social media strategies.


1. Adding services quickly adds to the price you’ll pay.
2. There is limited integration when it comes to third-party apps.
3. Sometimes it is difficult to lock in a pricing tier for SMBs.


*Free 14-day trial
*$29/month (Starter)
*$99/month (Traction)
*$199/month (Growth)
*$299/month (Large)


social sprout header

Sprout Social

Most small to medium businesses (SMBs) will find SproutSocial’s extensive services very refreshing, not to mention affordable. This is an excellent social media management tool that accommodates both social media management and top-notch analytics. One of its best features is the pop-up questionnaires on its dashboard, which help you get a more personalized approach to your company’s needs.


-Added updated features such as a message approval workflow and a function that allows you to create chatbots.

-Perfectly accommodates SMBs with UI and very detailed analytics.

-Has won many Editor’s Choice awards for social media management solutions.


1. Excellent reporting capabilities.
2. Great help desk features and social CRM.
3. The dashboard is powerful and cohesive and therefore manages brands and channels efficiently.


1. For SMBs, adding the services they need can get expensive quickly.
2. In the Basic tier, some features are limited.


*Free 30-day trial
*$99/month per user (Standard)
*$149/month per user (Professional)
*$249/month per user (Advanced)


tweetdeck header


With TweetDeck, you can schedule your tweets and enjoy features such as automated publishing, continuous monitoring of your social media, management of multiple accounts, and automatic updated lists, among others. You can even monitor brand mentions online thanks to its real-time conversation monitoring feature, as well as monitor things such as hashtags, lists, and searches, which helps to make sure your account is updated regularly.


-Monitoring of accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as Bitium and Dataminr.

-The ability to work with both Android and Apple operating systems.

-Perfect for enterprises and both small and medium businesses (SMBs).

-A simple, clean interface with no confusing buttons that you’ll never use.


1. You can tweet from any of your Twitter accounts without having to log in and out every time.
2. Super user-friendly and easy to manage a variety of Twitter accounts.
3. Efficient interface that is at your fingertips 24/7.


1. The desktop version of the app can be cumbersome to use.
2. You cannot work with social media outlets other than Twitter and Facebook.
3. The features are limited because the app is free.


*TweetDeck is free.


tailwind header


TailWind is a social media management tool that works with Pinterest and Instagram. You get a centralized platform to work from, giving you the ability to increase your reach and save you a lot of time. One of its best features is the TailWind Tribes, which are groups of Pinterest users who offer very similar content and who have agreed to work together as a community. With these groups, you can publish tons of viral pins to accelerate your growth on the platform.


-The ability to keep track of each TailWind tribe, which helps you determine which tribes are helping you most in your marketing and promotion efforts.

-A comprehensive UI that helps you navigate through its many options, including account settings, tracking, scheduling, and more.

-It tracks metrics such as traffic to your website, engagement rate, followers, and referral traffic, as well as others.


1. Bulk scheduling option for your convenience.
2. Easy navigation thanks to expert UI.
3. The ability to connect and work with fellow marketers.


1. Some users receive random errors they’re not sure what to do about.
2. Across the scheduling board, the view of scheduled posts is sometimes hard to read.


*$9.99/month (Plus)
*$99/month (Lite)
*$799/month (Professional)
*There is also a customized subscription called the Enterprise plan, and you can contact the company to develop a plan to meet your needs.
TailWind Tribes subscriptions include:
*$119/year (Max)
*$235/year (Elite)
*$359/year (Unlimited)
When you combine the standard subscription with a Tribes subscription, you get a lot of bang for your buck.


coscedule header


Like other social media tools, CoSchedule works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Soundcloud. You can schedule your content to run whenever you want it to, and you get a marketing calendar and working organizer to make each and every project visible and easy to manage. Its two main features that it focuses on include management and marketing. It also offers multiple tools to make these two tasks easier.


-Content management features such as up to 2GB of ideas, integration with WordPress, planning with a calendar, and a headline tool for better content.

-Content marketing features such as publishing across various apps and platforms, task-grouping capabilities, and easy management of all of your campaigns.


1. Can be used by both individuals and businesses.
2. You can combine it with pages and blogs.
3. Dashboard is very user-friendly.


1. No 24/7 customer support for the basic plan.
2. Some plans are sort of pricey for individuals and small businesses.


*Free trial for the Growth plan
*$100/month (Growth)
*$300/month (Professional)
*There is also a customized plan that the company will develop to meet your marketing needs.


hootsuite header


One of the social media tools to save you both time and money, Hootsuite, offers features such as influencer identification, engagement, and listening tools. It works with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others, which includes profiles, groups, companies, blogs, and even YouTube channels. It also offers the following features and benefits:


-Great video-first support for sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

-A dashboard that is laid out clearly and includes main tool groups, added services, and product controls in an easy slide-out menu.


1. Very efficient analytics capability.
2. A complete, comprehensive social media management tool.
2. SMBs can easily schedule posts for multiple clients and accounts.


1. If you choose add-ons, they can get pricey.
2. Some users may find the analytics aren’t good enough for their needs.
3. Only the more expensive plans have the most powerful features.


*Free 30-day trial
*$29/month (Professional)
*$129/month (Team)
*$599/month (Business)
*There is also an Enterprise plan, but no details could be found on it.


eclincher header


Although it hasn’t been around that long, this is one of the many social media tools growing by leaps and bounds. Its services are geared more toward business and agency users, and its dashboard supports Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and many others. Some of their plans offer a built-in media library, and it even keeps track of incoming messages to make your life a little easier.


-Functions as a social media tracker, which allows you to track things such as hashtags, mentions, company names, keywords, and much more.

-You can create posts for all of your social media accounts at the same time and get an instant review of just what it’ll look like on each social media site.

– It sometimes suggests hashtags for you, which saves you from having to look up these suggestions on your own.


1. A very powerful platform that is user-friendly.
2. Has the ability to create large content libraries and run ad infinitum.
3. They have an excellent customer support team that responds to inquiries quickly.


1. The reports function leaves a lot to be desired; you can’t always generate customized reports.
2. You sometimes have to add images as attachments in Twitter.
3. The analytics capability is a bit limited.


*Free 14-day trial
*$59/month (Basic)
*$119/month (Premier)
*$219/month (Agency)

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When it comes to managing your social media posts, you have a lot of options that can help the task be a lot easier. These are efficient tools that truly offer something for everyone, and once you decide on which social media sites you need to work with and your budget, you can easily find the one that is right for you.

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