50 Referral Software Solutions To Grow Word Of Mouth Marketing [Mega List]

The Mega List of 50 Referral Software Solutions That Will Grow Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing

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To say that there are a lot of referral marketing tools out there would be an understatement.

From Enterprise solutions to niche-focused tools, utility and prices range vastly based on the size of your business and your use case. These SaaS options allow you to create viral loops and launch all kinds of referral marketing campaigns (viral competitions, sweepstakes, leaderboard contests, pre-launch waitlists, and much more).

Keep in mind, that the features for each referral program in this list are not comprehensive and the list order does not represent rank. There are no subjective opinions or reviews here — the goal is to simply provide you one place to view all of the different referral marketing solutions available today in the market.

Who made this list?

We are the team behind GrowSurf, a referral marketing platform that lets you easily launch refer-a-friend programs to supercharge growth for your internet business.

If you want to know why we built another referral marketing software solution when there are already 50+ others out there, check out our story here.

So, without further delay, here’s our list of 50 referral marketing software programs…

1. Growsurf 

Supercharge growth for your internet business.

GrowSurf makes it easy to launch a custom refer-a-friend program for your software startup or SaaS company.

2. Untorch

Go Viral.

A fully automated referral program for email signups.

3. Waitlisted

Grow your list, Engage your sign ups, Integrate your data.

Simple waitlist management, no programming required.

4. Friendbuy

Create a customer referral program today.

Referral tracking and campaign optimization.

5. Ambassador

Meet the World’s #1 All-in-one Referral Software.
Acquire more of your best customers, faster, by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.

6. Referral Saasquatch

Customer referral program software.
Create, manage, and optimize your mobile and web based refer-a-friend programs all in one platform.

7. Maitre

Grow your email list through Viral Giveaways.

Maître is a plug-and-play solution to set up successful referral programs in minutes, not days.

8. PayWithATweet

Get paid by virality.

PayWithATweet is your Social PayWall. Grant access to your content, special offers, or digital goods for the price of a post or a tweet.

9. Viral Loops

Referrals Made Easy For Everyone.

A revolutionary template-based viral & referral marketing solution for modern marketers.

10. Referral Candy

Give Any Ecommerce Store A Referral Program.
Plans start at $49/mo. 

11. Genius Referrals

Referral Programs Made Easy.
Lower Cost Per Sale, Higher retention, Increased Profits.

12. Referral Rock

Online Referral Marketing Software that works for Any Business.
Unlock hidden referrals by making it easy for your customer and partners to refer you.

13. Expect Referrals

You wouldn’t buy scuba gear from a bridal shop.
Why buy a referral marketing solution from a software company? Expect Referrals, made by Marketers.

14. Hello referrals

Referral tracking software for businesses and networks.
RefeSend, receive, and track referrals.

15. Influitive

Grow your sales pipeline with a steady flow of referrals.
Looking to generate more high-quality leads? Your happy customers are your best salespeople. Their warm introductions they share with you convert better, close faster and have a higher lifetime value than leads from other sources. All you have to do is ask.

16. Invite Referrals

Best Referral Marketing Software for Website, Social, Mobile Application.

17. InviteBox

Reach New Customers Today with a Social Referral Program.17.

18. Rocket Referrals

Automatically improve referrals, retention, reviews, relationships, and revenue.
We grow your business through building loyal customer relationships.

19. Talkable

Boost Ecommerce Sales With Referral Marketing.
Build, segment, track, A/B test, and analyze all your referral marketing campaigns to drive new customer acquisition.

20. KickoffLabs

Setup Viral Contests In Minutes. Quickly and easily setup refer a friend style giveaways, sweepstakes, and product launches! 

21. Prefinery

Professional pre-launch waiting list software for your upcoming product release.
100% Customizable. White-labeled. Powerful API.

22. Retainly

Referral & Affiliate Marketing Tool.
Virus will create your referral and affiliate marketing program in the next 5 minutes. Your program will spread like a contagious virus by itself.

23. Salescamp

Get more customers by supercharging word-of-mouth referrals in your business.

24. Smile.io

Beautiful Reward Programs for Online Businesses.
Smile.io powers reward programs for 15,000 merchants across the globe. Use Smile.io to reward your customers for completing profitable actions.

25. ViralMint

Boost your online business with word-of-mouth marketing.
Enhance your e-store with social marketing apps that help you boost sales, improve website conversions, build engagement, increase brand visibility and more…

26. ViralSweep

The Viral Marketing Platform.
Tools to grow your email list, increase engagement, and generate sales.

27. Upviral

The Ultimate Viral Referral System.


Referral Tool.
Attract new audience from the social networks!

29. Referral Magic

Referral tracking and friend invitation software.

30. iRefer

The easiest way to get referrals.
Grow your customer list with our powerful plug-and-play free referral marketing solution, which seamlessly integrates with your website.

31. FirstPromoter

Affiliate and referral tracking for SaaS.
Launch your own affiliate and referral program in minutes. Quick integration with Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, Chargebee or with our API.

32. GoViral

Want to go viral and get quality traffic and shares?
GoViral automatically gets people to share your content – it’s instant word of mouth.

33. Refersoft

Get Word of Mouth Referrals to Grow Your Sales.

34. Extole

Turn every customer into an advocate.
Extole puts effortless, powerful referral marketing at your fingertips.

35. MentionMe

Supercharge your customer growth with referral marketing through Mention Me.
Refer a friend platform tailored to your brand. AB testing to optimise your programme. Uniquely captures word of mouth sharing. Best practice insight from our Client Success Team.   

36. Referanza

Make the valuable visible.
Explore our growth tool for organic, peer-based advertising.

37. Omnistar

Increase traffic and sales.
Easy-to-use referral marketing software for fast-growing businesses. Start your free 15-day trial.

38. Refersion

Simple affiliate marketing software.
Manage, track, and grow your network like never before.

39. AppVirality

Referral Marketing Software Designed for Accelerated Growth.
Leverage the power of word-of-mouth by creating and automating referral marketing campaigns for mobile apps and SaaS. Boost customer acquisition at a reduced CPA.

40. Incentivit

Customers Acquisition Made Easy For Anyone.
A powerful and affordable referral software that helps online and offline businesses acquire new customers using referral marketing.    

41. Forewards

You are 4x more likely to buy when referred by a friend.
We make getting referrals easy by rewarding your customers for finding you new leads.

42. RefermeIQ

Getting New Referral Clients Shouldn’t Be This Hard.
Learn How Our Technology Makes it Easy.

43. Campaigned

Increase Sales and Customer Loyalty.
Campaigned makes it easy to set up promotions and referral programs.

44. Zinrelo

Leverage word-of-mouth recommendations to boost customer acquisition.

45. CustomerLove

Customer Advocate & Referral Marketing Software.
CustomerLove is simple advocate marketing software businesses can use to collect, display, and share customer referrals in the form of online reviews, ratings, and recommendations.

46. GrowthConnections

Exit Intent Forms with Integrated Referral Marketing System.


47. RewardStream

Referral programs that get results.
Reward your advocates for promoting your business to their friends; it’s easy, affordable and can grow as you do.

48. Referly

Add a referral program to your online store.
Referly offers the best All-in-one referral marketing software for e-commerce businesses. Get maximum word-of-mouth, and increase online sales.

49. Vyper

Grow your customer list.
Expand your audience with viral contests & giveaways.

50. Gleam

The Business Growth Platform.
Marketing apps designed to help you grow your business.

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