May 2020 Income Report

May 2020

The month of May, my birthday month. Here’s what I did and what happened because of it. 

To start, I had a strict content schedule of two blog post per week. Ending the month with 8 pieces of new content. I researched the topics for these blog post before hand. The keywords for the most part had a monthly search volume of 1000+ with competition being low to medium. 

I started getting backlinks to my blog. I received 14 in total. Of which 7 came from the custom blogger outreach service I invested in and the remainder came organically.

may backlinks

With 14 new backlinks my domain authority (DA) went from 0 to 12! This was very exciting for me. I found myself checking DA everyday for improvements. It went from 5, 7, 8, 10 to 12! I’m excited to see how high I can get it in June.

May domain authority

Here’s a look at my analytics for the month. Funny thing I realized, in April most of the traffic reported in my analytics was coming from me visiting my own site, several time per day. So I found a video online showing my how to prevent Google Analytics from reporting my IP address… So the stats below reflect true visits to my blog this month.

may 2020 analytics

My income report for the month is as follows.

Going into June, I’ll continue with blogger outreach. Also I plan on changing my content strategy to a listicle content strategy. I should have 10 new pieces of listicle content by the end of the month.

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