Marketing CRM Tools Designed To Scale Your Small Business [Top 10 List]

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is simply a platform to manage all of your external interactions. CRMs can be used in a variety of ways including sales pipelines, marketing campaigns, or even hiring. The focus here is on CRMs for marketing, but it is important to note a good CRM system can help keep a company organized across the board and will provide a great return on your investment.

Why Is Marketing CRM Essential?

More than anything, marketing CRM systems ensure you know what is happening with each of your customers or audience members. A great marketing CRM can tell you anything you need to know about past, present, and future customers from their first purchase to the last time they opened your email campaign. If there is anything you want to know about a customer, your CRM system should be able to tell you. Not only do CRM systems help keep your existing audience organized and engaged, but many can actually help with customer acquisition. 

And the great thing about CRM systems is, they keep improving. What used to be a tedious task of on-boarding each individual consumer is now highly automated and simplified for the ease of the brand. Plus, CRMs are highly customizable so small businesses are using the same interface as large enterprises with a vastly different set of needs.

Eventually, the Excel Spreadsheet is no longer going to cut it and it’s better to adopt a Marketing CRM system before your audience gets too big for an easy transition. Make the move with one of these CRM tools.

Top 10 Marketing CRM Tools

Agile CRM wants everyone to be able to sell and market like a Fortune 500 company. Agile is an extremely affordable solution for an all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing software. Plus Agile takes it one step further with great features like task management and even a way to gamify the sales process to motivate your team to sell, sell, sell.


Act! makes it easy to harness the power of customer data day-to-day. Their goal is to help you turn leads into sales and their platform will tell you exactly how to do it. Act! has married customer relationship management and marketing automation and you will see the powerful results in sales and great reviews.


Hubspot truly has it all: customer data, lead generation, sales pipelines, email marketing, and they’ve even recently launch a content, website, and SEO manager. Hubspot is used by brands from just one person to full-scale enterprises showing that their platform is made to fulfill that needs of your and your customers. And you only pay for what you need — there’s even a free option to get you started with a great CRM.


Zendesk is for those who need a CRM software that can double as a helpdesk. There is not an easier solution for managing a customer lifecycle from lead generation to sales process to customer support. If you’re a growing business, Zendesk’s software is built to grow with you while keeping track of every customer along the way.


Salesforce isn’t the #1 customer relationship management tool for no reason. Their platform is widely used and highly respected by brands like Cargill, Yeti, and T-Mobile. Salesforce platform is so expansive, they are able to manage customers across all marketing channels including email, customer support, and even social media. You can get started with their small business software for just $25/mo.


Maximizer has a specialized CRM offering for marketing. Beyond just managing your leads and sales, Maximizer helps to automate marketing by offering great email templates and integration with MailChimp, an extremely popular marketing software. And everything is organized by the campaign so you can see how each of your strategies pays off.


Zoho is built to help you manage every aspect of your business on one platform. Zoho’s suite offers CRM software, HR management, finance support, and more. Their CRM Plus platform helps convert every customer from a lead into a brand advocate. You can manage customers for social platforms to checkout and Zoho’s AI assistant learns from every interaction and constantly improves the CRM system and your marketing effort.


Pipeliner is an extremely sales friendly customer relationship management software. Their interface is designed for sales leads and their built-in automation engine will continually make the task of managing customer relationships easier. Plus Pipeliner integrates with over 200 apps!


Keap promises to save small businesses up to 47 hours a month on managing their customer relationships and marketing efforts. Once you get set up with Keap, the automated tool will work in the background while you pay attention to other parts of your business. Keap has been specializing in helping small businesses since 2001!


Bitrix24 provides a complete suite of social collaboration, communication and business development tools for your team, including CRM, files sharing, time management, e-commerce, and more. Bitrix24 is available in cloud and on-premise, on desktop and mobile devices. On-Premise version of the platform comes with source code access and can be installed on your server.

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