Keyword Research Tools: Voted The Top 10 Best Keyword Tools [Updated]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a growing field and, with the massive about of information available via a simple web search, it is only becoming more and more important. Using keyword research tools to do thorough keyword research is a major contributor to improving your rank in various search engines.

So what is keyword research? In a nutshell, keyword research is the process of identifying the terms and phrases that people actually search when looking for results on a specific topic. Take this blog post for an example. I want to reach an audience searching Google or their search engine of choice for information on keyword research tools. In order to ensure improve the likelihood that someone looking for information on that topic would come across this post, I need to identify the actual phrase someone might input into Google. Possibilities might be “what is keyword research,” “keyword research for SEO,” and “find keywords for Google results.” 

Improving search results involves a lot more than just identifying the right keywords, but finding those keywords is necessary for reaching your desired audience. It is best to find a tool to help find keywords. All you need is a couple of seed words. Going back to this post as an example, the seeds words could be “keyword,” “research,” and “SEO.”  The research tool would then tell me the most important keywords or phrases to use. 

There are lots of tools to help you get started with SEO. Here are my favorites

Top 10 Best Keyword Tools

SEMrush’s Keyword Magic Tool is an amazing resource to identify the best keywords and much more. Each search gives keyword suggestions and detailed metrics for each on including search volume, trend, SERP results, and more. Plus SEMrush keeps a history of words searched so you can return to your results in seconds.


If the goal is to improve search results why not go straight to the source? Keep in mind, Google Keyword Planner is aimed at those purchasing ads and not necessarily optimized for SEO, but the keyword suggestions for ads can also apply to SEO as their both based on metrics like search volume.


Moz leverages automation to take a more comprehensive approach to keyword searching. Moz knows that keyword planning is not something you can do once and then never again, so they aimed to create a keyword research tool that can be used over and over again with ease. And their searched words include phrases in the form of a question which are extremely important.


Keyword Tool is considered one of the best keyword research tools on the market. Keyword Tools goes beyond simply Google keyword planning by including relevant keywords from Bing, Youtube, Amazon, and more making it a great resource for marketers with content on various platforms.


Surfer SEO is a great tool to identify related keywords. With Surfer, you can simply use their keyword tool to find relevant terms and phrases to include in your post or you can go a step further and use their content editing tool. This allows you to compare highly ranked blog posts from relevant searches and build your copy to mimick the SEO page one results.


Woorank’s keyword research tool helps optimize your content both new and old. Their keyword suggestions are created to help build your rank. And once your content is optimized, their Keyword Tool helps you understand how you rank on various keywords compared to your competitors and tracks your performance over time.


WordStream’s keyword research tool is great for targeting niches and groups of keywords and identifying keywords based on a theme. Wordstream is an ad platform, so their research tools are optimized for ads, but a lot of the same rules of the game apply and their insights are extremely valuable.


Serpstat a stacked SEO suite that offers research tools for website analytics, backlink tracking, and of course keyword optimization. And Serpstat pays special attention to competitor analysis to make sure your rank is increasing relative to your goals.


Jaaxy is a simplified tool that is perfect to help you get started with SEO. Their keyword searches deliver a lot of keywords that other platforms don’t necessarily include and they give details metrics including search volume and competition. In order to evaluate competition in a unique way and help you get ahead, Jaaxy has a metric called quoted search result that tells you how many other marketers are optimizing for a specific phrase.

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