June 2020 Income Report

June 2020

This month I started my forex training. Which limited the amount of time I was able to spend working on this blog. Still I was able to publish 7 new blog post. I also saw slight improvements in the key site metrics I’ve been monitoring.

Up from 12, my domain authority (DA) saw an increase of 3. Alexa ranking is up a couple million from 5,708,171.

june todaywithjay ranking

I attribute the increase to my (DA) to the active blogger outreach campaign I have running. The campaign netted me 10 more high quality backlinks, up from 14 last month.

june todaywithjay backlink profile

This month’s session traffic was up 34 hits.

june todaywithjay analytics

Search engine traffic is the stat I check constantly. This month I saw a significant increase in the total search engine impressions. Up over 3k impressions from last months 723. This will continue to increase with plans to target even more keywords.

june todaywithjay search console

Funny story about my first subscriber. On 6/26/20 I randomly logged into my email service provider to make sure everything was set up correctly. I was wondering why after 3 months, I still had no subscribers. To my surprise when I logged in… 1 hour earlier I got my first sub!

june todaywithjay email

Now the part we’ve all been waiting for. How much did I make? Well, nothing. Honestly, I still haven’t monetized the site. I don’t see the need to, with such low monthly traffic. With that said, each month is a step closer in that direction. 


Well that’s it for this month. More of the same in July.

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