July 2020 Income Report

July 2020

I focused a lot of my attention this month on learning how to trade forex. While doing that, I was still able to achieve some progressive on the site. Starting with domain authority, I’m up 3 points. Not too spectacular but heading in the right direction.

july domain authority

Backlinks saw a decent increase, adding 16 new links. This was some what of a surprise because on the 20th of June. I suspended my blogger outreach campaign to allocate funds elsewhere. I’m actually curious to see if the links continue to come in this month without the assistance of a campaign.

july backlinks

Traffic this month was a little disappointing. If not for the spike in traffic at the end of the month, I would have seen 50% less visitors. I have an idea of what needs to be done to see traffic continue to grow. 

This past month the content on my site was hand picked by the company that also does my blogger outreach. I wasn’t too fond of the content they wrote. It didn’t seem well optimized. In August I’m getting back to writing content based on the keywords I research myself.

So about the spike in traffic… I was contacted by a company that wanted to publish a guest post on my site. In return for the link I was provided them, they blasted the post out to their social media following. Moving forward, they’ll be guest publishing a post on my site each week.

july traffic

Search results saw a slight improvement.

july search

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