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These days, it’s not enough to just have a social media strategy that focuses on attracting followers. Any modern business needs to have a strategy in place that leverages engagement. One way for big companies to do this is through the phenomenon of influencer marketing. But this strategy can be fraught with pitfalls. Luckily you can use a service like HypeAuditor to help navigate through the pitfalls.

Why Use Influencer Marketing?

It’s very clear that modern consumers are pretty tech savvy. They know what to look for in an advertisement, and they also know when fakery or insincerity is happening. One way for a company to navigate these troubled waters is to use influencer marketing as part of their social media marketing strategy.

For example, if a women’s clothing brand wants to reach out and engage with an audience, the best way to do this is to have influential people on platforms such as Instagram be seen wearing their clothes and posting positive things about it. In this way, a brand can reach out through a popular personality on social media and engage with audiences.

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In this context, influencer marketing provides the following benefits:

  • Building trust and rapport with consumers who are potentially interested in the brand and the products
  • Expand brand awareness
  • Engaging with a relevant target audience rather than just spending money on widespread marketing that can be hit or miss

Marketing on Instagram

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Instagram has always been popular, but since Facebook purchased it, the reach has expanded dramatically. One of the biggest reasons to use Instagram for marketing is because it’s such a visual platform. Users can tell a story through a series of images.

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram is a no-brainer choice. The reach of the platform and the visual nature of the timeline are suitably placed to drive marketing campaigns for a wide variety of youth-oriented brands.

Are There Any Problems with This Strategy?

As popular as influencer marketing is, and as effective as it can be, it’s definitely not perfect. In 2018, Unilever came out and said that influencer marketing needed fixing. Why is this?

Most social media platforms measure popularity through likes and followers. If a user has more followers, then they are considered a successful social media personality in many cases. If a post gets a lot of likes, then the post is often measured as successful.

The real problem is that social media users can buy followers. I’ve seen just how damaging so-called bot accounts can be on a platform such as Twitter, for example. When social media influencers buy more followers, they are upgrading their value in the eyes of companies who want to use them to promote their products.

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In these cases, the influencer can charge more money and get more free products from the company because a high follower count and a high number of likes translates into a perceived golden opportunity for that company.

Of course, it’s tough to blame social media influencers for engaging in this shady activity. After all, the competition is fierce and they are operating within a media landscape that pressures them into seeking ever greater levels of success and influence.

So, how can this kind of activity be stopped? The truth is that as long as it’s possible to simply buy followers, then it is unlikely social media users will stop. The good news is that HypeAuditor can help.

What Is HypeAuditor?

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Understandably, companies who invest a lot of money into marketing via social media influencers want to make sure that those influencers have genuine reach. Since so many social media personalities buy followers, their genuine reach is compromised.

Look at it from the point of view of the company who is trying to push a brand into new markets. They see that an Instagram user has hundreds of thousands of followers and then automatically assume that this is a person who can help them to reach a specific market. But if that user has a high percentage of fake follower accounts, their actual reach is severely compromised and their worth to the company in question is likely overvalued too.

This is where HypeAuditor enters the story. HypeAuditor is an AI-powered analytics tool that can weed out fake followers on Instagram accounts. It can effectively determine the real value proposition of potential influencers on the platform. So, can it work for your business and can it really authenticate Instagram accounts in terms of marketing value?

Main Features at a Glance

HypeAuditor is a sophisticated tool that overlays an easy interface over some pretty complex machine learning algorithms. The tool features the following:

  • Detection of possible influencer fraud through analysis of fake follower accounts
  • Over 35 metrics to determine the performance of an Instagram user in the context of marketing potential
  • Account performance tracking and bench-marking
  • A database of nearly 20 million influencer profiles to compare against
  • Search filters

Who Is it Designed for?

In the most basic terms, HypeAuditor is for people who need to check the authenticity of an Instagram account for the purposes of marketing. It’s a good fit for companies and businesses who want to get more value out of their marketing, bloggers, influencers, agencies, and marketing consultants.

A Breakdown of How HypeAuditor Works

It would be next to impossible for even a team of people to trawl through the follower accounts of Instagram users to determine authenticity. This is where AI and machine learning can really help. HypeAuditor does the following:

1. Check For Fake Followers

One of the primary currencies of social media is the number of followers an account has. The more followers, the more influential the account is considered, at least on a superficial level. But the capacity to buy fake follower accounts ruins this relationship and places a marketing investment at risk of failure.

HypeAuditor checks an Instagram account for fake followers based on the 28 criteria that determine the Audience Quality Score – or AQS. Those followers with a high score over 70 are determined to likely be genuine users. Those with a low score may be fake followers.

2. In-Depth Influencer Analysis

The real value of the tool is in how deep it can drill down into account followers using a range of valuable metrics. For example, you will get a breakdown of the following data:

  • Geographic locations of followers
  • How many followers are rated as premium accounts on the Instagram platform
  • Engagement rates of followers
  • Gender analysis

Social media is all about engagement. Instagram users with a high engagement rate are considered more valuable in terms of marketing. For example, an influencer who has genuine followers that like and comment on their posts is going to have real value as a potential marketing channel. 

Typically, fake follower accounts don’t display a high level of engagement. There may be an array of likes, but there may also be spam comments or even a lack of commentary on posts. These bot-type accounts tend to display similar behaviors, and HypeAuditor can rate each follower as low, medium, or high engagement.

3. Reporting Tools

This is where HypeAuditor moves from in-depth analysis powered by machine learning to readable output. Here you’ll see an easy-to-read graphical breakdown of engagement rates, the number of possible fake accounts, and the demographics of followers, including geographical location, age, and gender.

Demographic breakdowns are useful for determining how relevant an Instagram user is for any specific brand. Those brands skewed toward a youth market, for example, will find greater value in influencers who have a large percentage of young followers with high engagement rates. Likewise, it’s also possible to target specific geographic areas for marketing purposes too.

Is It Worth Using?

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The fact is that you could spend countless hours searching through an Instagram user’s timeline and followers to try and determine whether they have an authentic audience or not. This is not only difficult, but also incredibly time-consuming. In today’s fast-paced world, no business can really afford to lag behind the competition.

Clearly, HypeAuditor is a specific use tool, but one that is extremely valuable for any business that needs to get the most value out of their marketing efforts online. Where plenty of money could be wasted in influencers who are buying their way into fame and free products, HypeAuditor provides a way for companies to determine the real value of those users.

Right now, this tool does not have any real competition. There are other tools that provide some of the data, but not in the same complete and sophisticated package. The real value of this tool is in how it provides an easy-to-read breakdown of any Instagram user so that authenticity and value can be determined. 

From this angle, HypeAuditor saves both time and money – both of which are incredibly precious to any modern business. One might even say that the days of users buying fake followers to procure free products and money from business are numbered. 

Give HypeAuditor a try for free here.

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