How To Make Extra Money With These 40 Side Hustles

Are you looking for a way to make extra money without giving up your day job? Whether you need some extra spending money or need to cover your bills, consider working on a side gig.

From performing online data entry to holding a yard sale, there are hundreds of small jobs available to supplement your income. Learn how to make extra money with the following 40 side hustles:

1. Drive For A Ride-Hailing App

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Driving for Lyft, Uber, and other ride-hailing apps has become a popular way to make extra cash. If you have a vehicle and can pass a background check, you can start making money instantly. You also get to set your own hours. You can drive all day or only accept a few rides per week.

2. Drive For Amazon Flex

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Along with ride hailing apps, drivers can make money by delivering packages for Amazon. Through the Amazon Flex app, you accept delivery routes to get paid. Finding routes is not always easy and the Flex program is only available in 50 US cities. However, you can work when you want and earn about $18 to $25 per hour.

3. Rent Out A Spare Room On Airbnb

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If you live in a popular tourist area, you may be able to make money through Airbnb. Instead of renting out your entire house, you can rent out a single spare room. You get paid 24 hours after the guest checks in and can charge what you want.

4. Sell Your Services On Online Job Marketplaces

Fiverr, 99Designs, and other online job marketplaces helped create the modern gig economy, which is the source for most side hustles. These sites allow you to sell your technical services to clients located around the world. You can find graphic design, writing, data entry, and dozens of other job categories.

5. Become A Dog Walker

Dog walking is another common side hustle. You can use an app to find clients searching for local dog walkers and earn pocket money. You may only get a few jobs at first but many dog walkers gradually grow their dog-walking businesses into full-time jobs.

6. Clean Houses In Your Spare Time

Starting a house cleaning service requires only a small investment in cleaning materials and equipment. With a vacuum, mop, bucket, and a few supplies, you can offer your services as a house cleaner.

7. Sell Your Old Junk Online

Make some extra money by selling old junk online. You can get rid of old clothes, electronics, kids’ toys, and other items that you no longer use by selling them on eBay and other online stores.

8. Sell Your Old Junk At A Garage Sale

If you are not tech-savvy, you may prefer to sell your items at a garage sale. You simply need to place a few signs around your neighborhood to direct visitors to your garage sale.

9. Write And Sell Original eBooks

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If you know a lot about a specific topic, consider sharing your knowledge. Using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows anyone to become an author and sell eBooks to customers. There are no costs involved other than the money that you may spend on advertising.

10. Use TaskRabbit To Find Odd Jobs

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TaskRabbit helps you find people in your area that need someone to perform specific tasks. You can find a wide range of odd jobs from assembling furniture to fixing a leaky faucet.

11. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing typically involves creating a website and posting original articles to promote a product or service. You earn a commission for each sale that originated from your website. The hard part is getting people to visit your website in the first place.

Learn more about affiliate marketing and affiliate programs.

12. Become A Personal Chef

chef cutting food

Are you a good cook with an outgoing personality? Try making some extra money by offering your services as a personal chef. You can advertise locally or use an online service to find clients.

13. Give Music Lessons

Giving music lessons is an age-old side hustle for those with musical ability. You can teach piano, drums, violin, or any instrument that you know how to play. Use social media and word-of-mouth advertising to attract clients.

14. Become A Personal Trainer

Working as a personal trainer does not need to be a full-time job. You can accept only as many clients as you can fit into your schedule without interfering with your day job. Consider working out of a local gym to avoid the need to purchase equipment.

15. Become A Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is a flexible side hustle that typically involves administrative tasks and data entry. You may need to review emails, book appointments, check schedules, or contact individuals on behalf of your client.

16. Sell Original Creations On Etsy

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If you are a creative individual, you can try selling original creations on Etsy. The online platform is a top source for original handcrafted items such as jewelry, wedding items, and home décor. You can make items in your spare time and make some extra money.

17. Start A Landscaping Business

If you have a lawnmower and trimmer, become a landscaper in your spare time. A part-time landscaping business can provide a steady income. Most clients keep the same landscapers throughout the season to keep up on mowing and trimming.

18. Launch A Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping is often profitable for those with online marketing experience. Instead of selling and shipping items directly to customers, you have the manufacturer or original seller ship the items.

19. Babysit Kids In Your Neighborhood

If there are a lot of kids in your area, help the parents by offering your services as a babysitter. Most babysitters charge between $10 and $20 per hour to watch kids for a few hours. Unlike setting up an at-home daycare, you do not need to be licensed or have previous experience.

20. Start A Blog

Starting a blog allows you to express your thoughts and potentially earn some money. The most successful blogs cover popular topics such as travel, parenting, and health. If you gain enough visitors, you can earn money by placing third-party advertisements on your blog.

Learn more about starting a blog here with my ultimate guide.

21. Launch A YouTube Channel

If you enjoy video production, try creating original videos that you post on YouTube. After you gain 10,000 lifetime views, 1000 subscribers, and 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months, you can monetize your YouTube channel and earn cash.

22. Develop And Sell A Webinar

Webinars can provide a source of income for those with knowledge about a specific topic. Using an online webinar platform, you can create lessons that combine video tutorials and written information to teach any topic.

23. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is a simple side hustle that may help you earn some pocket change. You can typically earn a few dollars per survey, with each survey taking 5 to 30 minutes to complete.

24. Become A Personal Shopper

When people are too busy to buy clothes, furniture, and other items, they rely on personal shoppers. Thanks to the Internet, you can find personal shopper jobs that do not require you to meet in person. You can provide advice and shop for items online.

25. Flip Houses In Your Spare Time

Flipping houses can be profitable without requiring a significant time investment. The average profit on a flipped house is $62,700. Try to buy houses at below value and spend a few thousand fixing them up before relisting them.

26. Become A Landlord

If you struggle to sell a home, renting it out may provide an alternative. However, instead of renting it out on Airbnb, rent it to a tenant with a long-term lease. You can gain consistent income each month. The drawback is that you need to deal with repairs, maintenance issues, and occasionally late payments.

27. Buy And Resell Items Online

Instead of flipping houses, try flipping other items, such as collectibles or electronics. Look for deals on used items or items that require minor refurbishment. After cleaning up the item, you can flip it for a small profit. It can be a fun hobby and help you earn a few extra dollars.

28. Restore Furniture

Furniture restoration is a skilled trade. However, if you are a handy person who likes learning new skills, you can learn more about the furniture restoration process and how to make extra money with this side hustle. Practice on your own furniture before trying to restore furniture for clients.

29. Repair Computers

computer repair

While fewer households have desktop computers due to the rise of smartphones and tablets, there is still a demand for computer repair technicians. You can offer to repair computers, remove malware, and troubleshoot issues for people in your local area.

30. Rent Out Your Car

If you have a vehicle that you do not use frequently, rent it out. As with Airbnb, you can use an app to find clients. You can rent the car out for the day or multiple days. Keep in mind that the app that you use will charge a fee for each rental. However, you typically get to keep about 65% to 85% of the income.

31. Haul Trash

Use your truck to haul trash as a side hustle. You simply need to charge customers enough to cover the cost of taking things to the local dump while pocketing some extra money. To attract customers, place flyers around your local area and advertise on social media.

32. Become A Social Media Manager

social media manager

Working as a social media manager can be a part-time job. Offer to help local businesses increase their brand awareness and social media following. This typically involves setting a social media posting schedule and releasing new posts consistently.

33. Offer Your Services As A Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are responsible for recording daily financial transactions, updating financial records, and managing payroll. If you have bookkeeping experience, you can offer your services as a freelance bookkeeper to local businesses. You may even be able to work remotely.

34. Become A Freelance Hair Stylist Or Barber

Most hairstylists are freelance workers. They typically rent a space in a salon and give the salon owner a cut of their profits. You can cut the salon out of the equation by cutting or styling hair in your home. You could also visit clients at their homes, providing a mobile hairstyling service.

35. Become A Freelance Transcriptionist

Freelance transcription is a side gig that you can perform remotely from the comfort of your home. Use online job marketplaces to find transcriptionist jobs, which typically involve transcribing spoken words to text. You may transcribe speeches, lectures, podcasts, interviews, or instructional videos for use as subtitles.

36. Become A Translator

Instead of transcribing, you can make extra money translating. Webcomics, blog articles, instruction manuals, subtitles, and other text often needs to be translated into multiple languages to help businesses reach more customers. The only requirement is that you are fluent in a second language.

37. Offer To House-sit To Earn Extra Cash

When someone goes on vacation for a long period, they may not feel comfortable leaving their house vacant. House-sitting gives vacationers peace of mind and allows you to earn extra money. As with most side gigs, there is an app for finding clients. Use to look for house-sitting opportunities along with pet-sitting or dog-walking side hustles.

38. Design Websites

Small businesses do not always have the money available to hire professional web design companies. Offering your web design services at a lower rate can help you gain a few clients. You can even use website-building platforms such as WordPress to simplify the development process.

39. Deliver Food Or Groceries

uber eats food delivery

Instacart, Postmates, DoorDash, and GrubHub need drivers to deliver food and groceries to customers. All you need is a car, a smartphone, and the ability to pass a background check. You can deliver food when you want, making it a flexible side hustle.

40. Launch A Mobile Auto Detailing Business

Most people do not have the time to take their vehicles to the car wash frequently. You can save them the effort by launching a mobile auto detailing business. You just need the right supplies, such as car wax, rags, buckets, and a portable vacuum.


With 40 opportunities to choose from, you may not know where to start. To find the right gig, think about your skills, interests, and availability. You do not want to commit to a project that you do not have the time for. If you keep these details in mind, you should have no problem finding a side hustle to supplement your income.

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