Find The Best Niche For Blogging

What Is A Blog Niche?

Your blog niche is the specific topic you focus on. Generally, it’s better to pick a narrow blog niche instead of a larger niche. 

Think about the things that make you excited, interested or the kinds of websites you’ve used for research in the past. All those things are potential niches. 

While there are limitless niches to choose from for your new blog, that won’t necessarily make your blog successful. You do, however, have to have a niche in mind if you want to make your blog a success. 

Should You Follow Your Passion?

Passion is one of the things that keeps people interested and invested in life. It used to be common knowledge that finding work you love would keep you from working a day in your life. But, passion should not drive your professional decisions, especially when it comes to blogging. 

Okay, there are some exceptions. Some people are able to make serious money following their passion, and their stories are always inspirational. But just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean that it’s a good option for your profession. 

Choosing the best blogging niche is a lot more complicated than just finding something you’re passionate about. 

Why? Well, for one thing, passion is pretty overrated. A lot of people look for their lifelong passions, but few people have a true lifelong passion. Passions can change and morph over time. Turning your passion into your blogging topic or niche is one good way to make your passion work, not the other way around. 

If you have to choose between passion and profit, and most people do, profit is probably the better bet. Why? Because profit is what gives you the freedom and flexibility to pursue your passions outside of your work. That way, you’ll ultimately get to have both. 

Pursuing your passion, without a clear path to profiting from it, can take the joy out of your passion without giving you a reasonable return. 

Picking The Best Niche For Blogging:

Picking your niche is a process and not something you can do overnight. But, if you can keep these things in mind you should be able to find a few great options for your new blog. Narrow it down to a single niche, and you’re ready to get started. (You can always expand later. )

Niche Validating Questions To Answer Before Picking A Blog Niche:

You should ask yourself niche validating questions anytime you think you might have a good blogging niche. These questions need to be asked before you pick your niche. That way, you know you have a solid idea. 

How Narrow Or Broad Should Your Blog’s Niche Be?

Narrow is generally better, but some broad blogs have been incredibly successful. Think about whether you can create content that links everything in your niche together. Will your audience be interested in everything you’re including, or will they likely be most interested in a smaller part of your content. 

How To Brainstorm Ideas For Your Blog Niche?

Brainstorming is a personal process. How have your brainstormed ideas in the past? Have you looked at other blogs in your niche? What kinds of questions have you asked yourself when exploring this niche. 

Consider each of these methods, and pick one or two that work for you. 

  • Pure brainstorm with notes
  • Mind-mapping
  • Asking your friends 
  • Exploring examples of your niche
  • Create lists
  • Write an article, now find three related topics for that article. 

Do You Know Enough?

You need to have more than a handful of ideas to talk about in your blog before selecting that as your niche. There are some exceptions of blogs that worked as people learned about and became experts, but you need to have a general working knowledge before you get started. 

If you can’t think of at least three different articles you could write, as the expert, in your niche, it probably isn’t right for you. 

Are You An Expert In This Niche Or Interested In Becoming One?

If you’re already an expert, you’re golden. You can also learn and become an expert, either through traditional schooling or online learning. But you should plan on being an expert in your niche at some point

You can also leverage someone else’s knowledge if you have an insider connection. Friends, partners, and family members who are experts in their niche are a good option. Casual acquaintances and coworkers are not good resources to tap as your niche expert. 

 Is There A Paying Audience?

Monetization is the end goal for most blogs. But not all niches come with a paying audience. You need to do your research ahead of time and make sure your audience is likely to provide an income for you. 

Look at how other blogs in your niche are monetizing. They might use adds but look for Amazon products, affiliate programs, and other online marketing options. 

You can also create your own products if you have the expertise in your niche. Guides, how-to videos, and other online content can also be considered a monetization product. 

Is There Search Volume?

Look for a waiting audience. If your niche is brilliant, but only has three viewers, you’ll only get income from those three people. 

Do some keyword research to see if there is the kind of volume you want. If people are searching for topics within your niche, you have a clear roadmap to the kinds of content they are looking for. 

Check Google Trends. The trending up or down indicators can help you decide whether your niche is a growing niche or one that has reached saturation or reached a point of declining popularity. 

Also look for the evergreen rating, since that can indicate a niche that is very popular and stable in terms of viewership and reader volume. 

How Competitive Is This Niche?

Competitiveness tells you how many other blogs and websites you’re competing with. Some of your audience will look at multiple blogs of course, but every minute they spend on a different website is a minute they aren’t spending on yours. 

Free and paid keyword tools, like, can help you evaluate the competitiveness of your niche. 

Are You Proud To Be Associated With This Niche?

The last question you need to ask yourself is whether you’d be proud to have your name attached to this niche. If people ask you what you do, would you be proud to tell them? If not, even if you are an expert, this niche probably isn’t for you. 

List Of 35 Best Niches For Blogging:

Most blogs occupy some niche, but not all blogs are good examples of a successful blog in their niche. Here are some examples, along with what they do. It’s worth exploring blogs in your chosen niche before you get started. That way you can get a better sense of what works in your niche, and what doesn’t. 

Try to improve on the content that’s already out there, you don’t want to be repeating the same thing. 

Money And Wealth

Workable Wealth is a good example of this niche. They focus on talking about money in a real, down to earth, and understandable way. 

Health And Fitness

One good, and slightly different example is Jessi Kneeland. The blog focuses on body positivity and balancing learning to love and appreciate your body as it is, and starting a health and fitness journey at the same time. 

Personal Development

Make It Happen is a good example of this kind of blog. It focuses on teaching people more effective mental tricks and self-care so that they can push themselves further every day. 


Relationships Reality is a good example of a romantic relationship blog that shows how you can talk about a range of different situations within a relationship. 

Food And Drink

For an example of a food and drink, Sexy Vegan is a well-designed site that focuses on making vegan food more enjoyable. 


Nomadic Matt is a great example of a friendly layout combined with great travel tips and experiences. 


Mindshift is a good example of a blog and podcast that focuses on exploring what the future of education might look like, with a special emphasis on how new data and technologies may shape our approach. 


Godspace is a good example of this kind of blog, focused on the Christian niche and how to creatively experience spirituality every day. 

Fashion And Beauty

Island Girl in the City is a good example of a fashion and beauty blog that comes served with some life tips on the side. It’s a clean design, with plenty of attention-grabbing visuals. 


Tech Crunch is a great example of a blog that looks at up and coming developments in the tech world, while also trying to get their readers in the loop on possible deals and opportunities from the big tech companies. 


A Beautiful Mess is a good example of a more expansive hobby blog. It covers multiple types of hobby, lots of different projects, along with some other varied content. 


A Pawn’s Perspective is a good example of a tabletop gaming entertainment blog, including unboxing videos and other tabletop gaming content. 


The Guardian has a good gaming blog, which mostly focuses on reviews, while also tackling some important social issues as they crop up in the gaming world. It’s one of the more measured voices in the gaming industry. 


The Simple Dollar is a good example of a personal finance blog that talks about money management and making the most of what you have, while also planning for how to have more. 

Education And Career

Education Week tackles the subject of education from a wide variety of angles, as well as talking about moving from education to a professional career. 

Social Networks

Social Media Explorer examines how you can leverage social media to your professional advantage. 

Politics And Society

Stone Kettle Station is a good example of a political blog that doesn’t come from a political science angle, but rather gives voice to the political concerns of the people. 


The Phoblographer is a good example of a learning photography blog that provides great examples, while also teaching how to improve your photography skills. 


Bounce Back Parenting talks about resiliency in parenting, and overcoming the challenges that can come with being a parent. 


The Creative Penn talks all things writing, from the challenges of the career to marketing to building a writing habit. 


Say Yes is a blog that is a total celebration of life, from living at home to travel to just getting the most out of every moment. 

Online Marketing

Neil Patel talks about everything online marketing, from SEO to how to make a real connection with your online audience. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Moz specializes in SEO, and their blogs give you better insight into how to create an effective website without turning off your readers and primary audience. 


Seth’s blog talks about entrepreneurship from the perspective of a now successful marketing consultant at fortune 500 companies, covering all aspects of being an entrepreneur. 


The Reformed Broker talks about investing, giving advice while also talking about the traps and pitfalls, as well as the problems with the investment system. 

Do-It-yourself (DIY)

Remodelaholic talks all things home remodel, from ideas, to how to do it, to tips to making your home remodel turn our better. 

Natural Living

The Foraged Life is a how-to guide to living in an eco-friendly manner, for all walks of life. 


Crypto Coin Dude talks about Bitcoin specifically, all other things cryptocurrency, as well as the technology behind blockchain more generally. 


The Crazy Programmer helps familiarize you with the different code languages, while also providing helpful How-To’s and discussions of advancements in computer technology. 


Sew Liberated chronicles creating an entire hand-sewn wardrobe, while also providing how-to information and tips. 

Frugal Living

The Penny Hoarder covers everything from living on as little as possible to making more money to just making your money stretch a little further. 

Home Decor

The Inspired Room provides a lot of helpful guides to staying on top of the latest trending in home décor. 


Hush Little Baby gives you parenting tips for your newborn and well as product guides to help you pick the best tools, furniture, and supplies to protect them. 


Christianity Today focuses on all things Christianity from new books and resources to the news of the day. 


Mer Mag covers the crafting this parent does with her small children, and what they learn along the way. 


Scary Mommy might not be the blog every parent wants to model after, but it is a great resource for learning how to navigate difficult areas as a parent, as well and tips for getting through pregnancy and making things a little easier. 


Hopefully, this article has cleared things up a little bit. There are dozens if not hundreds of niches we couldn’t name specifically, so know that there is something out there that you can do as a blogger. We’ve tried to make sure you have all the tools you need not only to find your niche but also to discover if it’s a potentially profitable niche to use. 

Now, it’s your turn. The world is waiting for new internet content, and you can be the one creating it. 

Interested in starting a blog? I wrote a detailed post on the entire process here.

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