August 2020 Income Report

August 2020

In August I saw my domain and page authority decline. I produced the same amount of content this month so I’m assuming this decline is correlated to my backlink activity.

august domain authority

So as you know, I suspended my backlink campaign last month. As you can see I was still able to collect 6 new backlinks organically. Which is great! Unfortunately I lost 6 backlinks this month as well. There’s no way for me to know for sure but I assume the lost of backlinks had a negative impact on my domain authority.

august backlinks
august backlinks chart

Traffic was also down for the month. 

august analytics

Search traffic is where I saw the most improvement. My total impressions are up 3x from last month. Resulting in 8 more organic search clicks to my blog. 

august search console stats

When I started this blog almost 6 months ago. My goal was to turn it into an income generating business by now. This obvious hasn’t happened yet. I’m not really disappointed though. I’ve learned a lot so far. If I’m being honest though, I not sure what I should do differently for September…

Any ideas?

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