April 2020 Income Report

April 2020

April was my first full month blogging. As you can see below in the income/expense section. I invested $1460 this month, with $0 income.

My plan going into this month, was the following. Narrow down my content writer shortlist, get more blog post posted, build on the appearance of my site, and link building.

With content writers I invested $692.50. This was money well spent. Through that investment, I was able to find 3 writers I felt comfortable moving forward with. Between myself and my writers, I was able the post 4 new blog post. With plans to double that number in May.

My site design looks to be a work in process. Some days I’m happy with the design and layout, other days not so much. But in only a months time, my blog design has improved a lot.

Now to the link building agenda. I quickly understood the importance of link building. Especially for the growth of an new blog like mine. Blogger outreach being one of the best ways to build links… it was my strategy of choice. Unfortunately, blogger outreach is extremely time consuming. And I start this blog for more free time, not take it away. So after a quick time/cost analysis I decide I could afford to invest up to $1000 per month to outsource my blogger outreach efforts.

 After researching several blogger outreach services, I settled in on Outreachmama. I was able to chat directly with the site creator and get a better feel on what they could offer myself. Together we came up with a blogger outreach campaign I felt good about. 

Here are my site stats currently, which we’ll revisit next month and check for improvements.

april 2020 blog analytics

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