Amazon Work From Home Jobs vs Amazon Delivery Jobs

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If you are looking for a job, Amazon likely has you covered. Amazon is the largest Internet company and the second-largest private employer in the United States. The company has a market value of $1.14 trillion and employs over a million people in full-time and part-time jobs.

While a large portion of Amazon’s workforce work at warehouses and distribution centers, the company also employs tens of thousands of delivery drivers. Amazon has also recently announced expanded hiring for work-from-home jobs.

So should you look for Amazon driver jobs or Amazon work-from-home jobs? Before applying for any job, you should learn more about the requirements, pay, and flexibility.

What Types of Jobs Does Amazon Offer?

Amazon offers a variety of jobs, including delivery jobs and work-from-home opportunities. The delivery jobs are typically part-time positions while most of the work-from-home jobs are full-time.

Amazon’s work-from-home jobs are called “virtual positions”. They cover multiple categories, including software development, sales, and customer service. Delivery jobs are divided into two categories. You can work directly for the company as an Amazon Flex driver or find a job with a delivery service partner (DSP).

Virtual jobs and delivery jobs provide work opportunities for people across the country. However, they also come with specific advantages, disadvantages, and requirements. Depending on your skills, education, and work experience, you may not qualify for every position. Here is a closer look at both delivery jobs and work-from-home jobs.

Overview of Amazon Delivery Jobs

Amazon Flex is the program for those who want to deliver packages for Amazon. While the company does not share employment statistics, one economist estimated that about 11,262 individuals delivered packages for Amazon Flex in California between October 2016 and March 2017.

Amazon Flex covers over 50 cities in the United States and has expanded significantly in the past couple of years. If you live in or near a major metropolitan area, there is a good chance that Amazon Flex is available in your region.

Amazon Flex provides part-time employment. Drivers typically earn about $18 per hour and can work up to 29 hours per week. This keeps them below the threshold to qualify as full-time workers. If you become a Flex driver, you will use the Amazon Flex app to accept delivery blocks. Each block contains multiple deliveries and typically takes one to five hours to complete.

For those who live outside of the 50 cities covered by Amazon Flex, there are still Amazon delivery jobs available. Amazon works with a variety of contracted delivery service partners (DSPs) throughout the country. However, instead of working for Amazon, you work for a DSP.

The pay rate for DSP delivery jobs varies depending on the average pay in the region. For example, a delivery job in San Francisco may pay $20 per hour while a job in Dallas may pay $15 to $16 per hour. However, instead of part-time work, you can often find full-time employment with DSPs.

Overview of Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs

If delivering packages does not suit your work preferences, you may consider working for Amazon from the comfort of your home. Amazon’s virtual positions are also available throughout the country instead of just major metro areas.

The main categories of virtual jobs at Amazon include:

  • Sales and advertising
  • Operations management
  • Human resources
  • IT and support engineering
  • Software development
  • Product management
  • Merchant development

At the time of this writing, Amazon has over 1000 full-time virtual jobs. However, the company plans on expanding its virtual workforce. Amazon announced that it plans on hiring 33,000 workers for corporate and tech jobs across the US. Many of the new positions include work-from-home opportunities in technology-related jobs, such as technical support and software development.

How to Apply for a Job at Amazon

The process for applying for jobs at Amazon depends on the type of job. If you want to apply for a virtual job, you need to create an “Amazon.Jobs” account, which is separate from the Amazon account that you use for shopping.

After creating an account, you can fill out your basic profile information and upload your resume. Amazon allows you to upload your resume using cloud services or from your device. You can also use LinkedIn to submit your resume instead of uploading a separate one.

When you finish creating your profile and uploading your resume, you can start applying for virtual positions. You can also log into your account at any time to check your application status.

If Amazon thinks that you are qualified for the position, they may contact you to arrange an assessment and phone interview. The assessment is a short test designed to provide the company with a better understanding of your work style. The interview is completed over the phone or using teleconferencing software.

Applying for an Amazon delivery job requires different steps. If you want to apply to become an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you need to download the Amazon Flex app on your iOS or Android phone. After downloading the app, you can check for job openings in your local area. The openings tend to fill up quickly. If no jobs are available, you can still complete the application process and get your name on a waiting list.

Amazon then conducts a background check. If you pass the background check and meet the job requirements, you can watch the company’s 19 training videos. Within two to five days, you should receive a notice from Amazon. If Amazon approves your application, you can immediately start accepting Amazon Flex delivery routes.

If you want to apply for a delivery job through a delivery service partner (DSP), you apply using CareerBuilder.

Requirements for Work-From-Home Jobs

The requirements for work-from-home jobs depend on the position. However, there are several standard requirements for most of the virtual jobs:

  • Technical knowledge of MS office applications
  • Flexible availability, including working weekends
  • Wired Internet connection with download speeds of 10mb/s
  • Enthusiasm and self-motivation

The educational and work experience requirements vary based on the responsibilities of the job. For example, sales associates, support associates, and customer service associates typically need at least a high school diploma. You may also need one to two years of work experience in a customer service or sales position.

Technical jobs tend to require degrees and previous industry experience. You may need a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree that is relevant to the position. Some jobs may also require five years or more of work experience. Keep in mind that you are also competing with other applicants. Exceeding the job requirements may increase your chances of getting hired.

Requirements for Delivery Driver Jobs

Delivery driver applicants have fewer requirements compared to those applying for virtual jobs. You do not need a degree or previous work experience. However, Amazon Flex drivers still have a list of requirements:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Live in a city where Flex operates
  • Valid US driver’s license
  • A mid-sized or larger vehicle
  • You need an Android or iOS smartphone
  • Pass a background check

While you may have seen Amazon Prime delivery vans in your area, most Amazon Flex drivers operate their own vehicles. For Amazon Prime deliveries, you can use any vehicle that can safely transport the orders to customers. If you deliver orders, you need a mid-sized sedan or a larger vehicle such as an SUV, van, or truck.

You also need a smartphone that supports the Amazon Flex app. Delivery drivers use the app to accept delivery routes and navigate to customers’ homes to complete the deliveries. You need an iPhone 6S or newer or an Android phone with Android 6.0 or newer.

How Much Can You Make Working for Amazon?

Amazon Flex drivers earn $18 to $25 per hour and can work up to 29 hours per week. You get paid based on the delivery blocks that you complete.

The Flex app will send you notifications when a delivery block is available in your area. The delivery blocks are claimed quickly, requiring Flex drivers to act fast to secure additional work. You can also find same-day delivery blocks.

If you work 29 hours per week, you could make between $500 and $725 per week as an Amazon Flex driver. Drivers who work for DSPs have the potential to earn more as they may get to work up to 40 hours instead of 29.

The pay rate for virtual jobs is comparable to related jobs in traditional workplace settings. If you find a senior-level position, you are likely to earn more compared to an entry-level sales associate or customer service associate. For entry-level jobs, Amazon pays a minimum of $15 per hour or the state’s minimum wage.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Virtual Jobs

Now that you understand more about how virtual jobs and delivery jobs work, you should explore the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Some of the main benefits of working from home for Amazon include:

  • You get to work from home
  • You may get to choose your work hours
  • Amazon offers a wide range of jobs
  • You may earn a decent paycheck

The idea of working from home is the most appealing aspect of Amazon’s virtual jobs. You do not need to commute to work or deal with interpersonal office conflicts.

Amazon also allows many virtual workers to choose their schedules. For example, you may get to decide whether you want to work in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Some jobs may even allow you to work at night.

Along with the advantages, there are several potential issues with Amazon’s virtual jobs. While the work is flexible, you often need to remain available to work any day of the week and most holidays. You may also work shifts instead of completing tasks throughout the day at your own pace.

Some workers may not like the fact that many of the entry-level jobs are not permanent positions. You may need to prove your skills before receiving a full-time offer. Despite a few drawbacks, Amazon virtual jobs provide a stable career option for those who meet the qualifications.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Driver Jobs

Tens of thousands of people deliver packages for Amazon using the Flex app. While there have been a few complaints from Flex drivers, most drivers seem to enjoy the following:

  • Work when you want
  • Get paid twice per week
  • You get paid a reasonable amount

Amazon Flex drivers have a little more flexibility compared to virtual workers. You can choose to drive a single route each week or try to work the maximum hours.

You also earn a reasonable amount for the deliveries with a base pay rate of $18 per hour. During busy holiday seasons, you may earn closer to $25 per hour. You also get paid twice per week, which is convenient for those using this as a side gig.

The drawback is the availability of delivery blocks. Amazon Flex uses a first-come, first-served policy. You need to be quick to accept routes to make a living. You also need to provide your own vehicle and cover all associated costs, such as gas and maintenance.

Takeaways from Amazon Work-From-Home Jobs vs. Amazon Delivery Jobs

Amazon employs over a million people and the number keeps growing. If you want to join the Amazon team, you do not need to live near Amazon’s headquarters or one of their fulfillment centers.

Thanks to Amazon’s virtual jobs and delivery jobs, there are many opportunities for people across the country. Working as an Amazon driver allows you to set your work hours. You can complete a few routes per week and earn some spare income or work the full 29 hours.

Virtual jobs give you the freedom to work from home, eliminating the need to travel to a workplace each day. However, you also need to remain productive and not let distractions keep you from working.

In the end, both options are viable career choices. If you enjoy driving, working as an Amazon delivery driver may be a good fit. If you prefer to work from home, start exploring some of the available virtual jobs.

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