A/B Testing Tools: List Of The Best Split Testing Tools

A B testing (also known as split testing) is an extremely helpful tool to maximize your online marketing and content strategy. Simply put, a split test with the assistance of an A B testing tool will launch two versions of the same thing and tell you which performed better on key metrics.

The first thing most people think of when it comes to testing tools is landing page conversion rates. This is a helpful jumping-off point but split testing can be useful for so much more than just your landing page. Marketing emails and ads are other areas that can utilize A B testing tools, to name a few.

Determining the goal is the first step to designing a good A B test. Common reasons to run an A B testing tool might be to increase web traffic, subscribers, conversion rate or decrease email bounces and unsubscribes

Like any experiment you want to be as specific as possible with what you’re testing to get the most out of your testing tools. If you want to identify the best sales email methodology to increase clicks, identify a single variable that influences clicks, and conduct an A B test on that single variable. Something as simple as changing the link from text to a picture or changing the color of the hyperlink can make a big difference. If you compare versions of an email with many differences it will be impossible to extrapolate meaningful insight on what works and what doesn’t. Some A B testing tools solve this inconvenience by having a multivariate solution, but not all tools have this feature and it’s important to know the difference.

There are many split testing tools tools to choose from but here’s a list of my tools for A B testing.

Top 10 A/B Testing Tools

everage header


Evergage is a cloud-based platform that allows users to use real-time personalization in order to increase conversion rates of site visitors. Some of its other features include testing, recommendations, behavioral tracking, segmentation, analytics/attribution, and personalization/targeting. It is a SaaS application and offers a mobile app for Apple users only. Because of these and many other features, you can get the results you’re looking for without using developers.


1. Premium consultation and integration services available
2. Better AB testing when it comes to both images and content
3. Ability to improve functionality before building into a blogging platform first


1. It is sometimes difficult to learn
2. Idea deployment speed is sometimes slow
3. Not all features are useful for UX developers for certain functions

Price Plans

*There is a free trial version available but to get prices for the Platform, Promote package, and Recommend package, you have to contact Evergage directly.


optimizely header


When it comes to A/B testing tools, Optimizely is a top-notch product that large international companies such as Lending Club, eBay, and IBM depend on for accurate testing of product features and more. Optimizely allows you to present to your users, build different experiments, and review statistics in order to use the results to decide whether or not you should move forward with plans to push the product to the production stage.


1. API output
2. No coding necessary for businesses to build their experiments
3. Data available in relatively real time


Optimizely snippet causes page load time to be a bit slower
1. User interface isn’t that great
2. Slow loading damages your site performance

Pricing Plans

*Rollout plan: Free
*Essentials plan: You must contact the company to get a price
*Business plan: You must contact the company to get a price
*Enterprise plan: You must contact the company to get a price


google optimize header

Google Optimize

Google Optimize is a part of the Google Analytics and Analytics 360 platform. Google Analytics is a free program and that combined with its name recognition makes this a very powerful and popular tool for A/B testing and much more. It is a little time-consuming to learn but offers features that include 50,000 rows of exported data and 10 million hits per month for Analytics, and three million rows and 500 million hits per month for Optimize. There is a “free” version that most businesses will find good enough but the Enterprise plan is best for businesses that need to scale to huge data volumes.


1. It is ideal for both mobile app and website analytics
2. It is a very reliable and trustworthy program
3. The UI is easy for most people to utilize


1. It uses mostly third parties for training
2. Customer support uses a lot of automation
3. For Optimize, there is no audience targeting option

Pricing Plans

*There is a standard version used by most businesses that is free. For all other plans, you have to contact Google directly to get a price. Large corporations will likely end up using the version that costs $150,000 per year.


nelio testing header

Nelio AB Testing

Nelio is a native solution for WordPress and offers all the features that you want when doing A/B testing. You won’t have to log in to other sites just to create or view tests. Key features of using Nelio include graphic elements, sub-headings, color schemes, footers and sidebars, widgets, calls to action, page layouts, and landing pages, among others. With Nelio AB testing, you can isolate the elements on your website to test them separately so you get a “big picture” view of your testing efforts. It is perfect for businesses, e-commerce stores, and any other enterprise that offers products and services to their customers.


1. You can test simple title tests and even headlines
2. You don’t have to learn any external tools to use it properly
3. There are heatmaps and click maps to provide valuable information


1. Some vulnerabilities have been found in older versions
2. It won’t work with the Elementor WordPress plugin
3. Some users complain that it is too slow

Price Plans

*Basic plan: $19/month
*Professional plan: $59/month
*Enterprise plan: Personalized; contact company for a price
*There is also a 14-day free trial period that you can take advantage of, allowing you to test it out before you decide to go any further.


ab tasty header

AB Tasty

Not only is AB Tasty user-friendly but you can also set up tests without any help, which saves your developers a lot of time. In fact, you can create tests without any coding knowledge whatsoever. AB Tasty offers a great return on your investment with advantages such as more control on your website, much lower bounce rates, increased conversion rates, extreme reliability, and a huge focus on the customer. In fact, their customer service team will work with you to get a personalized plan that allows you to easily reach your business goals, making you feel more in control of your business’s fate.


1. Unlimited number of experiments
2. Ready-to-use widgets that make it easy to create experiences live
3. Experiences that can go live in minutes without using a developer


1. The variation editor could use some improvements.
2. Some users feel that they need more training to use it properly.
3. It can be a challenge to manage several different websites.

Price Plans

*You get three price plans with AB Tasty: Essentials, Growth, and Elite. However, you have to contact the company directly for the prices of each plan.


vwo header


More than 4000 brands in over 90 countries use this program for A/B testing. With VWO, you can enjoy behavioral targeting, personalization, both split and A/B testing, heatmaps, and website reviews, among other abilities. You also get a visual editor, funnel analysis, multivariate testing, test scheduling, and campaign segmentation, to name a few more. Indeed, there are tons of features to enjoy with this program and you can use it with both iOS and Windows systems.


1. Is super easy to set up and to use
2. Thoroughly segment traffic throughout visitor recordings, heatmaps, and AB tests
3. Gives good feedback and does a great job of increasing conversion rates


1. Chance that it might slow down your website somewhat
2. Some limitations when it comes to real-time data
3. Inability to store data forever

Price Plans

*Engage plan: $99/month
*Insights plan: $169/month
*Testing plan: $199/month
*Fullstack plan: rates available only by contacting the company
*There are also conversion and experience optimization plans that offer much more and start at $368/month.


mix panel header


Founded in 2009, Mixpanel offers a lot of features for both growing and established businesses, including how and why users engage and convert across all types of platforms. You get excellent split testing, heatmaps, audience targeting, test scheduling, funnel analysis, and campaign segmentation, to name a few options. You also get other capabilities such as customer journey mapping tools, data analysis, and great product management tools. It is a very versatile program that helps you grow your business with ease.


1. Reliable user tracking tool that tracks users’ last action, last login, and more
2. Ability to set up analytics for SaaS apps
3. Ability to analyze customers’ activities and behaviors


1. User flow date ranges are somewhat limited
2. Some reports are difficult to create
3. The interface can be difficult to use at first

Price Plans

*Starter plan: free
*Growth plan: $89/month
*Enterprise plan: contact for personalized rates
*There are other plans available as well that accommodate other tools besides A/B testing.


crazy egg header

Crazy Egg

Created in 2006, Crazy Egg provides lots of tools to analyze your marketing efforts so you can grow your business quickly. Features include funnel analysis, campaign segmentation, heatmaps, split testing, and a visual editor, among many others. You also get filters to help you better understand use cases and customer segments as well as organize recordings into playlists much more easily, allowing you to identify specific patterns.


1. Ability to view snapshots in scroll map, heatmap, and confetti
2. Ease of setup and use
3. Ability to fully understand your customers


1. Some users question how reliable the “clicks” are
2. You cannot put snippets in your header and then see a heatmap on any page of the site
3. Heatmap and confetti map are a lot alike, causing some users to think that they’re the same thing

Price Plans

*There is a free trial with Crazy Egg and the paid-for plans start at $29/month.


split hero header

Split Hero

Split Hero is an A/B split-testing platform for WordPress that is great for both agencies and freelancers. It’s only been around since 2019 and is fairly limited in its features but it does offer multivariate testing, test scheduling, and, of course, split testing. You can train on the system via documentation and live online lessons and you can use it for both desktop and mobile applications.


1. Is super easy to use
2. Provides a lot of value for the money
3. Offers excellent customer service department


1. There is no integration with ThriveCart
2. There are some problems with the software being inefficient
3. Some users wish that there were more features

Price Plans

*Basic plan: $27/month
*Premium plan: $57/month
*Pro plan: $97/month
*Also, a 14-day trial period is offered with each plan.

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